Sweater: Setesdal Black Wool Cardigan

Size: Medium
Sale price$179.00 USD


Norwool of Norway

Original and classic knitted Norwegian cardigan made of 100% pure new wool (worsted wool).

The Norwegian cardigan is is fitted with genuine Norwegian tin buckles and beautifully woven 4 colored piping along the edges. 

The wool cardigan is manufactured in Norway by Gjestal ASA wool spinning from Oltedalen. Considered by many to be one of the best and leading wool spinning mills in Norway. 

It is a very beautiful knitted cardigan with classic pattern is from Bykle(main town). in Setesdalen. Moreover, it is a unisex model, which allows it to be worn by people of all ages. Fine and soft wool quality that is also very durable (combed wool). 

Sizes run large as they are unisex. 

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