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Swedish Gift Store, the premier online destination for Swedish and Scandinavian gifts and souvenirs, invites you to join its lucrative affiliate marketing program and referral program.

Affiliate Program

Partner with Swedish Gift Store and earn a generous 10% commission on all sales generated through your unique affiliate link. Our program offers a comprehensive toolkit of promotional materials, including captivating banners, engaging text links, and detailed product descriptions, to empower your marketing efforts.

Referral Program

Enlist your friends, family, and followers in our referral program and reap the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing. For every successful referral that leads to a purchase, you'll be rewarded with enticing incentives and exclusive offers.

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Swedish Gift Store: Your Gateway to a World of Gift-Giving Delights

Swedish Gift Store is renowned for its extensive collection of traditional and modern Swedish and Scandinavian gifts, catering to every taste and occasion. From Dala horses and jewelry to figurines, blankets, rugs, and delectable Swedish food and drink, our curated selection is sure to captivate your audience.

How to Get Started

1. Click on the affiliate link below

2. Once you have been approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link.

3. Promote our products on your website, blog, or social media channels.

4. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a 10% commission on the sale.

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Promotion Ideas for Swedish Gift Store through your affiliate link

  • Write blog posts about Swedish culture and traditions, and include links to relevant products on Swedish Gift Store.
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  • Share this tour of our store.


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