Wholesale Candy Coming Soon...

Candies from Sweden! We're going to be selling B2B Swedish candy at wholesale prices! Get in touch with us to learn more.

Swedish Gift Store Wholesale

Swedish Gift Store specializes in design, manufacturing and importing Swedish/Scandinavian products/designs for sale in the USA.

Swedish and Scandinavian products/designs are a high demand markup category that will help retail stores, corporations, sport teams and groups get excited about their cause.

Customer Categories

Retail Stores - Offer Swedish/Scandinavian and customized products for your location for more sales and profits.

Artists - Sell custom products for your art pieces and generate more revenue.

Authors - Sell custom products promoting your latest book and generate more income.

Sports Team - Create custom mugs for your team and sell them for fundraising.

Businesses - Create custom products for your customers to show appreciation and more sales.

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