Book: Pippi Goes to the Circus

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by Astrid Lindgren

Join Pippi Longstocking as she takes the circus by storm. This lively tale brings forth the whimsical world of Pippi, where the unexpected becomes the norm. Watch as Pippi rides on the back of a horse and even the back of the ringmaster, showcasing her daring spirit and unmatched enthusiasm. She fearlessly walks the tightrope and outperforms acrobats with her incredible tricks.

Experience a circus like never before as Pippi Longstocking, the irrepressible young girl with a heart of gold, steps into the limelight. With Astrid Lindgren's assistance, this story is expertly adapted from the original novels to cater to young readers and listeners, providing a delightful glimpse into Pippi's wild and wonderful world.

Ideally suited for those about to venture into the captivating realm of Pippi Longstocking, this storybook is an enthralling introduction to the boundless imagination of Pippi and her friends.

Get ready for a circus extravaganza with "Pippi Longstocking at the Circus" by Astrid Lindgren. Immerse young readers and listeners in Pippi's world of daring stunts and delightful chaos. Let the magic of Pippi's circus adventures captivate and inspire, paving the way for a lifetime of imaginative reading.

Product details
Publisher Viking, 1999
Original from Pennsylvania State University
Digitized May 31, 2011
ISBN 0670880701, 9780670880706

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