Necklace: Twisted Light Pendant - Swedish Blue

Style: Pendant - With 18" Sterling Silver Chain
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Handmade silver jewelry with a Swedish stone named Bergslagssten.

The stone is a residual product from Swedish iron production over three hundred years ago. Production took place in small coal-fired ovens, where the ore was melted to a liquid mass.

The stone is formed when the furnace has a sufficiently high temperature to glaze the ore. The rock is the slag that is formed during metal smelting. The slag floats at the top of the melt and is discharged from the blast furnace before the metal. The slag is available in all possible colors and textures. What distinguishes Berglaggsten is precisely the blue color and the texture.

Swedishblue - Gemstone

At the beginning of the nineteen sixties, a Swedish goldsmith found the blue stone deep in the Swedish forests, in an area where there had previously been mining. All early traces of mining were removed, and the slagheaps were grown over and covered with vegetation after being untouched for hundreds of years. He named the stone Berslaggsten, named after the area, where he found it. He started making jewelry with the stone, which quickly became very popular locally in Sweden. But unfortunately, it turned out that the gemstone quality of the Bergsslaggstenen was very rare, which limited his production.

Bergslaggsten is a difficult word and utterance for anyone who does not speak Swedish. This has led to the stone being given the name Swedish blue after the blue colors the stone has. We can say that gemstone has the name Swedish blue and Bergslaggsten is the name of the raw stone.

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