Bracelet: Sami Inga, black reindeer

Size: 19.5cm
Sale price$99.99 USD


INGA is around 1,4cm wide bracelet with leather in the braid. It is hand braided, and hand sewn on soft reindeer leather, and it has a reindeer antler button. 

Measure your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit. Add 1-1.5 cm = size you should order. 1cm for a tighter fit and add up to 2cm if you order a wide bracelet or want a looser fit. 

Most women order 17.5cm and men 19.5cm. 

 Yes, all our bracelets are handmade. The braids and embroidery are made by hand, and we sew by hand. We have over 30 years of experience in making Sami bracelets and our main focus is on quality workmanship and materials. There are no machines used for sewing or braiding and we try to source materials as locally as possible.

The main body of the bracelet is made from Reindeer Leather. For braids we use a spun pewter wire, with a 4% silver content. Where pearls are used, they consist of Sterling Silver. Buttons for closure are made from shed Reindeer antlers and are all unique and made one by one.

Julevu means Lulea in the Lulesami language and it's the city where we are from in northern Sweden. We are a family business, and we made our first Sami bracelets in 1981 and we really love what we do. All braids are hand braided, and all bracelets are hand sewn and each have a reindeer antler button. They are soft to wear, and they get more beautiful the more they are worn. We hope you will enjoy our bracelets for many years to come.

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