Candy: Freia - Freia Milk Chocolate Roll Melkerull

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In 1899, Freia opened her own chocolate shop on Karl Johans gate in Oslo. The annual rent of 6,000 kroner was the city's highest. In 1913, the store moved into the newly built Grand Hotel, the architect behind the hotel, Ole Sverre, designed the elegant interior that would become the store's trademark. The lavish interior gave the factory an aura of European exclusivity, and the bourgeoisie flocked to the store to see and be seen, taste and buy. In other words, it became socially acceptable to eat Norwegian chocolate!

Country: Norway - Oslo

Milk Chocolate from Norway Melkerull

PACK SIZE: 2.61 OZ (74g)
UPC: 070221006259
SHIPPING AND STORAGE: Sensitive to Heat/Cold - this item requires Storage between 60-65F (+16C)
INGREDIENTS: Sugar, dry milk, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, emulsifier (soya lecithin), aroma


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