Candelabra: Scandlights - Tor, Wrought Iron, Battery Operated 5-Light

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Scandlights - Tor, Wrought Iron, Battery Operated 5-Light

Welcome Home Lights

A Scandinavian bright idea

The worlds' first electric candelabra was invented in 1934 by 25-year-old Oscar Andersson of Gothenburg, Sweden. Using discarded Christmas tree lights and a wooden candleholder, Oscar drilled holes for the lights and fitted the cords in a chiseled notch under the candleholder. That Christmas, the electric candleholder shone brightly in Oscar's parents' window and by 1937 they were first manufactured and became available for purchase.

Today this Scandinavian tradition lives on. Our Scandlights are battery operated and have long-lasting LED lights for safety and convenience, with no more concerns about cords or outlets. Our Welcome Home Lights are perfect for brightening any interior window on dark nights or adding a warm glow to your home.

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