Candle: Aurora Candle: 8oz

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Aurora Candle:

Scent: juniper ∙ cedar ∙ coriander ∙ salt

Our Aurora scent starts with a refined blend of botanical herbs and spices like rosemary, juniper, cardamom and coriander. A slight tingle of eucalyptus is softened with notes of bergamot and cassis. Aurora leaves you with lingering base notes of a salty sea breeze, cypress and cedar wood, which make for a unique and sophisticated scent. Infused with natural essential oils: cedar wood, patchouli, cypress, geranium, mint and eucalyptus.

CANDLE INFO: • Sizes 8.25oz Net Weight • Burn Time: 45+ hours.

Jar: Hand Poured into restaurant grade cocktail glass (8.25oz), and prep bowl (4.25oz) • Wick: Cotton (lead and zinc free) • Wax: 100% Soy Wax (paraffin free) | Vegan, Produced from US Grown Soybeans • Premium Grade Fragrance Oils Infused with Essential Oils • Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Zero Prop 65 Chemicals, Pesticide Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free • Made by hand.

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