Rolling Pin: Birds & Flowers Embossing Rolling Pin

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Scandinavian 3 - Birds and Flowers Embossing Rolling Pin

A Scandinavian inspired embossing rolling pin featuring birds and flowers repeat patterns. Looks great on cookies.

Please note that each rolling pin is slightly different, the beauty of handmade items. They are a Perfect gift, not only for bakers - they are also suitable for embossing fondant or sugar paste, polymer clay, air dry clay and many other products.

Great fun for kids with Cookie Dough, Play-Doh or Salt Dough and also useful in pottery.

Our rolling pins are laser engraved in the UK from FSC approved Beech, hand cleaned and oiled on the ends with food grade oil. This is a top end product, without any sacrifice on the quality of components.

As with all wooden products they are not suitable for the dishwasher.

Happy baking! The embossing area is 19.4cm / ca. 7.5” long and 6cm / 2.4” in diameter and the rolling pin including handles is 38cm / 15” long.

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