Salt: Saltverk - 2-Flavor Gift Box (2-Pack)

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Our two most popular salts, in one discounted gift pack.  Experience our pure, Flaky Icelandic Sea Salt and our visually striking Lava Salt.  A perfect gift to bring to a dinner party or just to surprise your foodie friends!

Tasting Notes: Our Flaky Icelandic Sea Salt is pure, pristine and bold while our Lava Salt is rich and round, with striking visual contrast.

Saltverk is one of the few entirely sustainable flaky sea salt producers in the world. The flaky sea salts are handmade pyramid-like crystal salt flakes that contain the flavor and taste of the Nordic region from which the raw materials used in it are derived. Saltverk Sea Salt includes minerals necessary for the human body and embodies calmness reminiscent of the location of its tranquil production surroundings. It is used in many of the best restaurants and in the homes of food enthusiasts around the world.

Saltverk is in Reykjanes, in the Westfjords of Iceland, which has some of the cleanest seawater imaginable. The sea supplies the raw material used for making sea salt.

Includes :  Flaky Sea Salt & Lava Salt

Tasting Notes : 
Flaky Sea Salt : Pure, Pristine, Bold
Lava Salt : Rich, Round, with Striking Visual Contrast

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