Timeless Greeting Cards: Iconic Quilling at Swedish Gift Store

Discover the intricate beauty of quilling with Iconic Quilling, a beloved Minneapolis-based artisanal endeavor adored by Swedish Gift Store. Owned by the talented duo Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen, Iconic Quilling stands out for its exceptional designs and commitment to preserving the ancient art form.

Anh Nguyen, the creative force behind Iconic Quilling, employs a remarkable technique dating back to 1300s Italy. She begins by crafting vibrant colored-pencil drawings, overlaying them with meticulously rolled strips of paper in a process known as quilling. This method, historically performed with bird feather quills, transforms simple paper strips into intricate floral shapes and captivating patterns.

What sets Iconic Quilling apart is not just its stunning designs but also its dedication to empowering artisans. Anh collaborates with her artist friend, Nhu, based in their native Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Together, they recruit and train talented women, enabling them to work from home and master the craft of quilling. These skilled artisans hand-roll paper strips, bringing Anh's visions to life with precision and care.

Swedish Gift Store proudly carries Iconic Quilling's creations, celebrating their exceptional craftsmanship and the cultural fusion of Minneapolis and Ho Chi Minh City. Explore the exquisite collection here and marvel at the timeless artistry that transcends borders.