Celebrate National Licorice Day the Scandinavian Way with Sweet, Salty, and Chocolatey Lakrids!

Get ready to pucker up for National Licorice Day on April 12! This year, ditch the red vines and explore the delicious world of Lakrids (pronounced LAK-rish), the Scandinavian take on black licorice.

Lakrids boast a bolder flavor profile than traditional licorice, often featuring unique sweet, salty, and chocolate combinations. At Swedish Gift Store in Lindstrom, Minnesota, we've transformed licorice skeptics into fans with our wide selection of authentic Scandinavian Lakrids brands.

"You haven't tried real black licorice until you have tried black licorice from Scandinavia." says General Manager Brad Kempenich, "I want to get someone to try it nine times out of ten. It comes down to the ingredients they use in Scandinavia."

Experience the Lakrid's Difference!

On National Licorice Day, stop by the Swedish Gift Store for free samples of Lakrids by Bülow, Läkerol, Halva, Bubs, Bilar, Fazer, and Malaco. Discover a whole new world of licorice flavors you never knew existed! You won't regret ditching the drugstore brands for the real deal.

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