Candy Sample Saturdays! - Celebrate Lördagsgodis with Swedish Gift Store

Celebrate Lördagsgodis with Swedish Gift Store! Every Saturday, embrace the Swedish tradition of "Saturday Candy" with our delicious selection of imported treats on sample. Let us know what you want to try!

Lördagsgodis is a fun Swedish tradition that translates literally to "Saturday candy" or "Saturday sweets". It's a weekly ritual where children, and sometimes even adults, indulge in candy specifically on Saturdays.

Here's what lördagsgodis is about:

  • A special treat: It's not just about candy; it's about having a designated day for a sweet treat, making it more exciting.
  • Pick and mix: Often, lördagsgodis involves a trip to a candy store or supermarket to pick out a selection of candies to indulge in on Saturdays.
  • Moderation in mind: Lördagsgodis is all about enjoying candy in moderation. By limiting it to Saturdays, it teaches moderation and prevents everyday sugar rushes.

This tradition is so ingrained in Swedish culture that it's even credited with helping Swedes maintain good dental health despite their relatively high candy consumption!