Salt: Saltverk - Lava Salt (90g)

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One of the most striking things that you can experience when coming to Iceland are the vast black lava fields that cover a large part of the island.  Made from the many volcanoes that have shaped Iceland from the very beginning, Iceland’s lava fields are craggy, jagged and a true sight to behold.  Our Lava Salt was created to celebrate that unique landscape. 

Tasting Notes : Our black lava salt is Icelandic flaky sea salt blended with activated charcoal.  The charcoal naturally smooths the bitterness that one can sometimes experience with salt, rounding the flavor to create a softer, more subtle salt.  The salt's dark color also brings great contrast and finish to any dish you cook.

Key Descriptors : Rich, Round, with Striking Visual Contrast

Best Pairings / Recipes : Great with meat, seafood and fruits.

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