PuzzleTwist: Crazy for Loons

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Artist: Sarah Brown

Bright colorful backgrounds highlight these distinguished looking water birds that are expert swimmers.  Shapes move, colors change and young loons appear as some things have clearly gone amiss – indeed a bit looney!

Were you able to find the 22 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Crazy for Loons Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. This loon has another white spot on its back.
  2. The background color changed.
  3. The dark green circle moved, changed color...
  4. and the white line is in front of the loon.
  5. A loonlet joins the scene.
  6. The cattails now have spikes on top.
  7. Another loonlet joins this scene.
  8. Wispy horizontal clouds appear.
  9. Colors changed on the leaves.
  10. Two lines swap (the colors switch).
  11. The background and lines changed colors.
  12. The sun changed color...
  13. as did the sky.
  14. This loon moved to location #17 (swap).
  15. Another loonlet joins the scene (and the lines disappear).
  16. This loon’s eye changed.
  17. Loon moved to location #14 – and an additional shape was added.
  18. A new shape was added to the horizon.
  19. Additional yellow line was added.
  20. The background color changed.
  21. This loon’s eye changed.
  22. Orange color was added behind one of the lines.

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