Puzzle: I Am Elk - Shaped Jigsaw (1,000 Pieces)

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Experience the wild beauty of nature with this unique-shaped 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle! Featuring a stunning, semi-gloss, photo-realistic animal image, this puzzle is sure to challenge and delight puzzlers of all ages. The random cut, interlocking pieces provide a challenging and rewarding experience, while the durable chipboard construction ensures that your puzzle will last for years to come.

This puzzle also includes a Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet, with amazing facts about the animal featured on the puzzle. Learn about the elk's mating call, the cheetah's speed, and more!


  • Unique-shaped puzzle with 1000 pieces
  • Semi-gloss, photo-realistic animal image
  • Durable chipboard construction
  • Random cut, interlocking pieces
  • Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet

Order your Call of the Wild! jigsaw puzzle today and experience the wild side of nature!

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