Lindstrom Water Tower Model Kit

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Style: Water Tower Kit
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Miniature Replica of the iconic Lindstrom Coffee Pot Water Tower

In the early 1990s, the city built a new, larger water tower. Instead of tearing down the old one that dates back more than a century, it was turned into a coffee pot.

The city added the handle, spout, and knob, repainted the pot, and added a saying: “Välkommen till Lindström,” Swedish for “Welcome to Lindstrom.”

Plastic model kit of the famous Lindstrom Coffee Pot Water Tower.

You will enjoy assembling this 9-piece replica of the Lindstrom Water Tower. Easy Assembly Instructions included.

Comes with stickers: Valkommen till Lindstrom with Swedish Flowers & Karl Oskar & Kristina surrounded by Swedish Flowers.

Size: Approximately 11 x 3 x 3 inches (11" tall by approximately 3" wide and 3" deep)

Material: Plastic

Made in Lindstrom, MN by Plastic Products Company Inc.


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