Dala Rooster: Blue

Size: Blue: 25 cm / 10 in
Sale price$245.00 USD


Blue Dala Roosters

Swedish Traditional Handcraft

Dala roosters are hand carved & painted wooden roosters imported from the Dalecarlian region of Sweden. 

Every Dala rooster is carved by hand out of pine wood that is grown in Sweden. They are then given a base paint color, usually red, blue, black or white. Then an artist carefully brushes the floral patterns, called kurbits, onto the roosters in various colors and patterns. Every Dala rooster is unique in its own way since they are traditionally carved and painted.

* Sizes: All Dalas are measured from the bottom of the foot to the highest point of the head in centimeters. Sizes are approximate.

~ Ordering a Dala Online? Please note that every Dala is unique. When ordering online the base color will be the same but the kurbits will vary in colors and patterns.

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