Book: Swedish Touches

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Enjoy a facinating glimpse into the lives of Swedish Americans, one of America's most colorful and artistic ethnic groups. Included are beautiful photos in 32 pages of color, illustrating the customs, festivities, foodways, and institutions that carry on the best of Sweden's old world traditions in America. With special essays and new photographs of the Santa Lucia Festival as it is observed across America, this new edition features a nostalgic look at Swedish-American Christmas memories and festive menus. Celebrate the holidays with color images from The American Swedish Institute and other regional Swedish-American museums, colleges, and historic sites. Included are traditional recipes, adapted from the hugely-popular 1983 edition, "Superbly Swedish," now out of print. Carefully selected, these classic recipes are again available and preserve Swedish-American culinary delights in recipes of enduring value - tried and true - for new generations. Unique to this book are color reproductions by famous Swedish artists, and popular American artists of Swedish descent.

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