Card: "Dala Horse To Run with Endurance" 5x7

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Artist: Rachael Koppendrayer

Originating in the province of Dalarna, Sweden, the Dala Horse (Swedish Dalahäst) is a brightly painted wooden horse that has come to symbolize Sweden as a whole. Originally, they were unpainted, but the Falun copper mine in the area produced a number of pigments, including the tomato-red that proved the most popular color for the horses. Later the fanciful saddle and designs were added in the popular style known as rosemåling (the Norwegian term) and kurbits (Swedish).

Horses are both curious creatures and slow to accept others in their herd—a dichotomy that they share with humans. However, along with that, they also have the ability to form close friendships—again, the same as humans.

Image is a print of an original color pencil drawing by Rachael Koppendrayer, printed on 100# cover.

Each card measures 5×7 inches and is blank on the inside. Envelope is included.

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