Book: Under the Open Skies

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Under the Open Skies: Finding Peace and Health in Nature

by Markus Torgeby

The internationally bestselling guide for living outdoors and communing with the natural world—under the open skies.

Under the Open Skies is one man’s perspective-shifting, immersive journey into the wilds of northern Sweden and into his own soul. 

For four years, Markus Torgeby lived alone in a hut he built with his hands in the Jämtland forest on the northern tip of Sweden, reconnecting with nature, and healing from the stress and strain of urban life and an athletic career derailed by injury.

Illustrated with 75 beautiful full-color photographs taken by his wife, Frida, Under the Open Skies is as invigorating as a long hike on a brisk morning and as sublime as a bowl of cinnamon porridge at the end of a long day. It is an invitation—to the stressed, disconnected, and lonely, to all who yearn to unplug and slow down, to those who wonder how life got so complicated—to come home to nature, to open the mind and heart to the wide-open sky.

177 pages.  Hardcover. 

ISBN: 978-0-06-301986-7

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