Book: Sweden's Regional Recipes

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Compiled by Diana Johnson Kia

Sweden's Regional Recipes, 142 pages

by Diana Johnson Kia

This book tours each of Sweden’s diverse provinces and presents more than one hundred recipes highlighting the culinary specialties of each

You’ll find recipes for arctic trout in Medelpad, blueberry tartlets in Dalarna, apple pancakes in Vastmanland, pea soup in Uppland, breaded potato bites in Dalsland, and Swedish meatballs, rye bread, and cheesecake in Smaland. Try minced guinea fowl with roasted root vegetables in a chapter on foods from Nobel Awards banquets.

A chapter on Swedish holidays features everything from pineapple-strawberry torte at Midsummer to cookies and candy for Christmas to crayfish parties.

And the smorgasbord chapter includes instructions about the right way to eat a traditional smorgasbord.

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