Book: Summer Drinks

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Quench your thirst with more than 100 recipes for refreshing summer drinks, including cooling punches, cocktails, mocktails, and slushies.

During the balmy summer months, there's an undeniable joy in sipping on a cool and revitalizing beverage. From the crispness of fruit-infused concoctions to the invigorating chill of frozen delights, this collection offers various flavorful libations suitable for any summer gathering. Whether you're seeking a vibrant and fruity drink for a sunny afternoon or a lively cocktail to kick off an evening gathering, the options are endless.

Prepare a zesty Caipirinha or a minty Mojito for those idyllic al fresco dining moments to set the perfect tone. When it's time to gather with friends over the weekend, whip up a pitcher of Sangria to share, or beat the heat with a delightful ice-blended wine Frosé or a Strawberry Daiquiri. This compilation ensures that you find the perfect recipe to suit your taste, whether you aim to impress with a creative cocktail or rejuvenate with a non-alcoholic mocktail.

Embrace the joy of summer and elevate your gatherings with these delightful and easy-to-follow recipes. Allow this vibrant collection to inspire you as you create and savor the season's essence.

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Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small (May 25, 2021)
Length: 144 pages
ISBN13: 9781788793582

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