Book: Mystery of the Cretaceous Sea

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a natural disaster 66 million years ago wiped out almost all life on earth. The hope is to get even more children interested in fossil hunting and make them reflect on how important it is to take care of nature. Now and in the future, the author say The authors got the idea to let the inhabitants of the cretaceous sea tell a curious boy the story of what actually happened to the dinosaurs. It should of course be a fun and exciting story, they explain, but also enlightening. The book has therefore been created in collaboration with experts in geology and paleontology, and it is published in Danish, English and German. »the story of the meteor that wiped out half of all life on earth is universal, explains charlotte blay. ”the catastrophe hit the entire globe and created the biggest climate changes in earth’s history. History. And here in little Denmark, at Stevns Klint, we find the very be evidence of what happened. That’s why the cliff was added to UNESCO world heritage list in 2014.

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