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Design Kerstin Landstrom

Rattvik Sweden

KERSTIN LANDSTRÖM DESIGN was founded in 1994 and produces organic wool blankets and throws inspired by Swedish environments, nature and historical heritage.
Organic wool blankets and throws inspired by our Swedish environments and cultural heritage, since 1994.

The ESBJÖRN children's blanket is, just like the KARIN wool blanket, a tribute to Karin Larsson's designs and textiles in the home in Sundborn. Embroidered cushions and tablecloths, fabrics and the colour scheme of the interior have inspired the various pattern borders.

The blanket is developed in collaboration with Carl Larssongården in Sundborn, Dalarna.

  • 100% OEKO-TEX® certified lambswool
  • 65 x 95 cm

OEKO-TEX® certification means that the product meets high human ecological requirements, i.e. does not contain chemicals in concentrations that are harmful to health. OEKO-TEX® is the best-known and world's leading label for textiles, accessories and products tested against these requirements.

CARE: Wool is dirt-repellent and has a self-cleaning property that means that you should not wash wool products too often or unnecessarily. Wool benefits from frequent airing, preferably in damp weather. The blankets can be washed with wool detergent by hand or on a wool program in a machine at 30 degrees. Squeeze the blanket semi-dry or spin briefly, stretch the blanket and then dry it airily.


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