Artwork: "My Kitchen Window" by Greta Lann

Size: 8x10
Sale price$34.99 USD


by Greta Lann

8x10 print 

"I met my husband in Sweden and lived there almost 9 years. We bought our first house in a suburb of Stockholm. This is the view from my kitchen! I wanted to paint my normal life and view. I gathered a few Dalahorses and a cup of coffee and sat down on the wooden kitchen sofa from my mother-in-law's family. I love geraniums, they brightened up my wide Swedish windowsill! The curtains are made from material I bought at Ikea (one of my first sewing projects). The light fixture with candles was a present to me from my husband's family. You can just see the pink blossoms of our apple tree in our tiny front yard."

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