Apron: Leksand Mini Cream Dala Horse

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Made by Arvidssons Textil in Sweden.

Designed by Carola Bengtsson Malmstrom and introduced to Arvidssons Textil in 1993.

The fabric "Leksand with Dala horses" is a captivating and charming textile that captures the traditional and folkloric spirit of the Swedish province of Dalarna. With its colorful and playful design, this fabric presents a symphony of Dala horses – iconic wood carvings that are characteristic of the region. With or without antifouling, the small Dala horses dance in different sizes and shades, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere on the fabric. Each horse is individually crafted with meticulous details, from the characteristic curved necks to the rounded shapes that give them a convivial and friendly character. By using this fabric, you can easily bring a touch of Swedish tradition and culture into the home. It is perfect for creating decorative cushions, curtains, tablecloths or other interior details that highlight the rustic and picturesque feel of Dalarna. Its unique pattern provides the opportunity for creativity and gives you the chance to let the story of these beloved Dala horses tell itself. Whether you use this fabric to decorate a room, create gift items, or simply to celebrate your love for Swedish culture, "Leksand with Dala Horses" will be a reminder of the colorful and heartfelt heritage of Dalarna. It is a tangible tribute to tradition and an opportunity to experience its beauty and charm every day. Carola Bengtsson-Malmström worked for many years here at Arvidssons. Among other things, she designed a whole series of Dala horse patterns. Here we see the pattern Leksand Mini, which clearly got its inspiration from the famous Dala horse together with the kurbits paintings that are so typical of Dalarna. The pattern is available in a number of different colours and products. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Leksand pattern and we are celebrating with an anniversary colourway.

The Leksand Mini Cream Dala Horse Apron is a charming and stylish way to add a touch of Swedish charm to your kitchen. Made from 100% cotton, the apron features a classic Dala horse design in a soft cream color. The apron also features a comfortable adjustable neck strap and waist ties, making it easy to wear. There is a large pocket in the front.

65cm wide by 85cm tall.

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