Ornament: 2022 Pewter Tree

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Celebrate the holiday season and commemorate the year 2022 with our enchanting 2022 Pewter Tree Ornament. This exquisite ornament features a detailed replica of a stylized tree, crafted from high-quality pewter that exudes a timeless elegance. The ornament's intricate design, with delicate branches and a subtle embossed texture, captures the essence of a winter wonderland. The ornament's polished finish gleams under the Christmas tree lights, adding a touch of sparkle to your holiday décor. Whether you're hanging it on your Christmas tree, adding it to a festive gift basket, or simply showcasing it as a keepsake, this 2022 Pewter Tree Ornament will bring a touch of holiday charm and a reminder of the year 2022 to your home.


  • Crafted from high-quality pewter for a timeless and elegant appearance
  • Intricately detailed design, featuring a stylized tree with delicate branches and an embossed texture
  • Polished finish reflects light beautifully, adding a touch of sparkle to your holiday décor
  • Embossed year "2022" serves as a reminder of the year and adds a touch of personalization
  • Perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree, adding to decorative bowls, or gifting to loved ones

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