Featured Artist - Rachael Koppendrayer

Join us Thursday at the Swedish Gift Store and Night Art Gallery for our Featured Artist Thursday event, featuring the captivating work of Rachael Koppendrayer. Rachael's art beautifully captures the essence of nature and farm life with a Scandinavian twist, reflecting her Minnesota home and heritage through the medium of colored pencil.

Raised on a small dairy farm in Randall, Minnesota, Rachael draws inspiration from the surroundings of her childhood – fields, pastures, woods, and swamps. Her love for wildflowers blossomed at a young age, and she has since transitioned from photographing them to expertly drawing them in colored pencil. Encouraged by her prayer group, Rachael has embraced colored pencil art as a profession, with a special focus on Minnesota nature and farm life, influenced by her Swedish roots.

For her upcoming series, Rachael will be revisiting the enchanting lady’s slippers, also known as moccasin flowers, infusing them with an indigenous twist. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in Rachael's exquisite artwork and celebrate her unique perspective on Minnesota's natural beauty and heritage.