Book: Per and the Dala Horse

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by Rebecca Hickox

Illustrated by Yvonne Gilbert

Set in a Swedish village long ago, Per and the Dala Horse is the charming tale of a young boy's quest to recover a golden chalice stolen by trolls. When an old farmer dies, he leaves all his worldly possessions to his three sons. The eldest inherits the farm. The middle son receives a fine riding horse. But Per, the youngest son, receives only a beautifully carved and painted wooden horse.

The two elder brothers laugh at Per and his seemingly worthless wooden horse; but Per cherishes it, sure that it will one day prove useful. When the trolls steal the golden communion chalice from the village church, Per's two older brothers try unsuccessfully to rescue it. It is Per, with the help of his magnificent Dala horse, who is able to rescue the cherished stolen chalice.

Yvonne Gilbert's stunning colored pencil illustrations are more vibrant than ever in this new edition of Per and the Dala Horse. Rebecca Hickox's spirited text makes this an enchanting picture book. Ages 4-9. Paperback.

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