Book: Tomtes' Christmas Porridge New Addition

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A playful holiday picture book from Sven Nordqvist (creator of Findus and Pettson) with a story based on a Swedish Christmas tradition.

It's Christmas Eve, and Papa tomte is eagerly waiting for the human family to leave out a bowl of porridge. But Mama tomte has a terrible feeling the family have forgotten!

Mama tomte and the children hatch a plan to steal a bowl of Christmas porridge. Can they sneak through the house without being seen?

Sven Nordqvist, one of Sweden's most popular author and illustrators, is inspired by the tradition of leaving a sweet treat to thank the tomtes (magical gnome-like creatures) in this charming story that's full of delightful details.

32 pages.  Hardcover.  

8.9 in H | 12.4 in W

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