Poster: Suecia "Sweden"

Style: Poster: Tube "Travel to Sweden"
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Vintage Poster of Sweden in the 1950's


Originally published1950's


50 x 70 cm

In this vintage travel poster advertising Suécia – Sweden – in Portugese the message is clear: Sweden is truly a country of colors AND contrasts. It was published in the 1950s in an effort to create a Scandinavian series of almost identical travel posters for Denmark, Sweden and (most probably) also Norway. As you can see in the poster: people just are so happy whatever they do in Sweden: folk dancing, sailing, skating. Even working is just so easy over here! So get into the mood and decorate your home with this classic feel good vintage poster.

About the product

This vintage travel poster advertising Sweden – with all its colors and contrasts – belongs to our Custom Print series. That means we will print it individually for you!

We use the latest printing technique, and that’s why we can guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding. As a result, the colors will last for generations. And we only print on high-quality FSC-certified matte paper.

We will deliver the poster to you in our stylish Come to Sweden poster tube.

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