Mug: "Suomi" (11oz)

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"Suomi" with Finnish Flags & Finnish Coat of Arms

11oz Ceramic Mug

Show your pride for Finland with our Suomi mug, a stylish and functional way to show your love for the land of a thousand lakes. Featuring a bold "Suomi" logo and a sleek, minimalist design, this mug is sure to be a welcome addition to any coffee lover's collection.

A Symbol of Finnish Pride

The word "Suomi" is the Finnish word for Finland. It is a proud and evocative word that represents the natural beauty, rich culture, and vibrant people of this Nordic country. Our Suomi mug is a stylish way to show your love for Finland and your pride in being Finnish.

A Stylish and Functional Design

Our Suomi mug is made from high-quality ceramic and features a bold, white "Suomi" logo. The mug is sleek and minimalist, with a simple, clean design that will complement any décor style. The mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe, making it easy to care for and enjoy.

A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member who loves Finland, or you're simply looking for a way to show your own pride for the land of a thousand lakes, our Suomi mug is the perfect choice. It's a stylish and functional mug that is sure to be a welcome addition to any home.

Product Details:

  • Material: High-quality ceramic
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3.8 inches tall and 3.2 inches wide
  • Holds approximately 11 ounces of liquid
  • Bold "Suomi" logo
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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